Loving A Woman



I love women.

I love loving women.


There are many elements in loving a woman, one of them is loving loving a woman.

Loving to love her.

Loving to honour her.

Loving to revere her.

Loving to worship her.

Loving to pleasure her.

Loving to love her.

Loving it with all you are as a man.

Loving it with your body, your heart, your mind, your spirit.

When you get this, so much changes, so much expands.


Loving becomes an adventure, a discovery, an exploration.

It becomes a learning, endless learning.

It becomes a path of growth in a way that unfolds constantly, because loving to love comes from you, from your heart. It takes you into yourself, into all that prevents you from loving. You’ll see the beliefs you have and how they get in the way. You’ll see the conditioning and patterning you have about love. You’ll see what comes from your past, what you saw in your family, what you picked up through implication, what sits in your unconscious, your subconscious. It’ll all come to the surface. And if you’re willing, if you’re aware, you’ll see them, and you’ll see the possibilities they bring.


Loving to love a woman.

To talk with her to listen to her.

To touch her, which is a lifetime of exploration on its own.

To learn about her body, it’s endless intricacies, subtleties, nuances, flavors, aromas, textures.


Loving to love a woman.

You’ll come to love passion, emotion, change.

You’ll see how the elements of the world are in us, in her, in you. How they express differently in us, the earth, the fire, the water, the air.

The mystical, the magical, the unexplained.

The knowing.


Loving to love a woman.

You come to know yourself, deeply.

You come to know the elements of masculinity, you’ll look at and learn what that really is. There’s challenge in this, what you’ve been told is a man, what society thinks is a man. You’ll look at this and discover yourself in this. You’ll discover the solid quiet of the earth. You’ll discover the consistency of the ocean, always there. You’ll discover the power of holding the space of the air, boundless. And you’ll discover the fire, oh you’ll discover the fire. Love, loving to love a woman is a journey into the fire. The fire of existence, the fire of passion, the fire of life, the fire of creation.


Loving to love a woman.

Meaning of life expands into loving yourself.

Love becomes your teacher.

Love becomes your guide.

Loving to love a woman, you give yourself to love.

You give yourself to life.

You give yourself to the love of life.