Make a Life of Love


Our great disservice to love is that we’ve euphemistically limited the making of love to sex.

Making Love has the most beautiful and the most incredible possibility of opening our hearts to love and to life.

The journey begins in our genitals, the base of our bodies, the connection to earth, the source of the fire.

And sadly for most of us, that’s where it stays in our chase for orgasm.

So let the orgasm be the beginning.

And let the fire grow from a spark to a flame to an inferno.

And know that this is the fire of love.

And let it burn through you and let it burn away all that is not love.

And let it show you all within you that stops you loving.

And let your healing be the learning of love.

And in time your life will be the making of love, and love will make you.

In her image, love will make you.

And when the fire reaches your heart it will burst out into the world.

And every moment becomes an opportunity to love. Your focus shifts. Your consciousness expands. You see the more that is love.

And life is an expression of love.

There’s a web that connects us, energy that swirls, between us, around us. With love, it lights up, it glows, it pulsates.

Love takes you deep into yourself.

And then love takes you out into the expanse of space.

And life becomes the making of love.

We serve love by living this, and in turn love serves us by making us more.

Make a life by making love.