Make Love with Your Hands, Make Love with Life


Make Love with Your Hands

Make Love with Life


I talk about making love with life.

I talk about how when we hear the term ‘making love’ our thoughts go to our genitals, to sex.

I talk about how making love happens in so many ways, and our genitals and sex are just one aspect of that.

I talk about how when we live more from our Hearts, life becomes an expression of making love.

I also talk about Heart-Centred Sexuality, as being more of an expression of love, of making love, than sex.


A digression, at last night’s Water Flow Massage I even saw how entering the pool can be an expression of making love.

When we enter the pool in a ritualistic way, as we did, one step at a time, one breath at a time, we’re penetrating the water, and at the same time to have the awareness of how the water is welcoming us, taking us in, opening itself to receive us.

This consciousness, this awareness, becomes a moment of unity, and making love is the search for unity.


Our hands.

Making love with our hands.


One of the principles I teach in Conscious Sexuality is that our sexuality is not separate from life. So much of what happens in our sexuality is an expression of other aspects of who we are, of what we do.

And our sexuality touches every part of our being.

So many people I work with, their journey begins with the desire to heal.

And when sexual healing happens, so many other aspects of life change as well.

Nothing is separate, everything is connected, everything is part of all of us.


Learning to touch from our Heart, learning to touch with awareness, learning to touch with intimacy, is an expression of love.

Learning to be present in touch creates intimacy.

Touching in this way opens a conversation beyond words, a conversation of our bodies. This is a conversation of sensation, of feeling, of energy.

It’s a conversation that has no story, no explanation, no defending, no justifying, no judging, no label.

It’s a conversation of what is, in this moment.

It’s a conversation of my hands on your body, yours on mine.

It’s a conversation of exploration, of discovery, of curiosity, interest, fascination, wonder. It’s a conversation of awe.

It’s a conversation of presence.

It’s a prayer and worship.

It’s a conversation of healing, soothing, calming, relaxation, opening, softening, releasing.

It’s a conversation of safety and belonging.

It’s a conversation of excitement, sensation, thrills, chills, tingles, quivers, opening, spreading, allowing.

It’s a conversation of fire and water, earth and air.

It’s a conversation that’s familiar and ever expanding.

It’s an endless, limitless conversation.


When we touch in this way, when we touch ourselves in this way, when we touch a lover in this way, something happens.

We’re making love with our hands.

And if we can do that we can learn to make love with life with our hands.

That presence, that awareness, that sensitivity, can be expressed in everything we touch.

Our Hearts can be in our hands.

And we’ll make love with life.


We’ll make love when we greet a friend with an embrace.

We’ll make love when we hold our children.

We’ll make love when we hold a fruit.

We’ll even make love when we pay for our groceries.

We’re present, intimate, aware.


There’s an expansion of the mind, there’s a dropping of the story, there’s an awareness of limitless possibilities in a moment.

There’s a letting go of expectation to feel what is, to experience what is.


And of course we expand this beyond touch, beyond our hands, into our mouths, our eyes, our ears, our noses, every part of us.


The more we touch in this way, the more we make love as a way of living, the more we become love expressing itself, ourselves, in every moment.

The touch of possibility.