Makers of Love


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For a while now I’ve been aware that much of what I think about things is changing.

During some deep discuss with me lover we’ve spoken about not knowing what certain words mean to us anymore. A good example of this is ‘spirituality’. I’ve also been listening very closely to the words my clients are using and asking them to explain what they’re talking about means to them. There’s a great deal we talk about with a general understanding, not really knowing.

It struck me a little while ago, if the words are changing the story needs to change.

I’ve also been thinking that we need a different story about sex, and love and relationships.

We seem to be telling the same story over and over in our lives, all aspects of life.

Nothing changes in what we do, and in our world.

As many, if not more relationships are ending.

As many, if not more people are experiencing sexual problems and are not fulfilled.

As many, if not more people are looking to change their lives, and many are, many are doing deep internal work, and many are struggling with the same issues.

We need a new story.

And for me this becomes a new entry point, a new center.

The heart.

If we can talk our sexuality beyond our genitals to the heart our story can change.

If we can define our sexuality by more than our genitals, by more than the narrow politicized labels we’ve allowed and define ourselves more by the heart, our story can change.

If we can define ourselves less by ego and more by the heart, our story can change.

If we can enter a sensual or sexual experience through the heart, allowing the body to follow, our story can change.

If we can start to understand heart Orgasm rather than purely genital Orgasm, our story can change.

If we can find more of our identity as men and women in the heart, our story can change.

There’s a guide in the heart, a teacher, a connection to something deeper within us, something at the same time beyond us.

I’m the heart our sexual story becomes our life story.

In the heart we connect to all life.

The heart is opening rather than contracting.

In the heart we’re able to move more from friction sex to energy sex.

And in the heart we become makers of love.





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