Making Love With Life and Yoga




I talk about, teach about, Making Love With Life, and the limitless possibilities that that holds for us.

Last week I had such a direct and beautiful experience of this.

In these moments, Life, in whatever form is present, becomes your lover, and you become the lover of life.

As in deep union, deep intimacy with another, you become one. There is no separation between us. There is only love, and love is what brings us to the oneness.

It’s one of the reasons we have sex, seek orgasm, a moment of oneness.

In this sense orgasm is a key. We expand from having an orgasm to being orgasmic.

Moments, everyday moments, that become orgasmic. We expand into orgasm not only being about our genitals, being orgasmic, our entire body, our breath, our senses.

And our hearts.

Here’s my experience.

I was doing my yoga practice outside, nude.

I lay on the mat in Shavasana, breathing, and became aware of the earth holding me. She’s always been there, for all the years of my life, every single step I’ve ever taken. Whether the ground underfoot was smooth or rocky, as it’s often been. Whether I could see where I was going or not, she’s been there.

I breathed and felt the aliveness in my breath, the vitality as she entered my nose, my lungs in an inner caress.

I felt my body in the postures, soft, relaxed, aware of muscles, joints, bones, moving slowly, sometimes a stretch that was delicious. The movement was a massage.

I felt my body warm in the sun, the sun flow over my skin. Each posture presenting something different for the sun to see, to touch. Some so open, so exposed, to be entered, through my perineum, my anus, my ears, my mouth, penetrated by this warmth.

And every now and then, the breeze, a caress so soft, so subtle, so alive.

My heart, in a moment, opened, that took me deeper into everything, so present, and far away at the same time.

The sweat of my skin in the sun and the breeze was a lover’s mouth licking me.

Then stillness, the stillness after making love.

An inner joy, a quiet joy, a knowing of love.

There are so many ways for us to experience this.

It’s a practice, and it becomes life.

It becomes love.

A love of life, a life of love.