Making Love With Life


There are many opportunities to have experiences of beauty and power that can have deep impact on our lives.  One of these is our next retreat in Mozambique, Making Love With Life.


The title came to me during an experience with my partner that took us to an expanded state of consciousness. It’s about living more from your heart, making your heart the entry point for life. There’s a question I’ve been asking lately, myself and the people I’m sharing healing and growth journeys with, ‘If you loved yourself what would you choose to have in your life?


We’re not taught to love ourselves, just the opposite, we’re conditioned into a life of insecurity, of comparison, of lack, and in its extreme, self-loathing. We have lives and jobs and relationships that are not expressions of self-love. They’re so often unhappy, unfulfilled and inauthentic. We make choices that we know are not about happiness. They don’t come from a place of self-love. We’re strangers to our hearts, strangers to our pleasure, and strangers to the freedom of possibility.


Most of my work starts out as a journey that’s about helping with a sexual or relationship problem. And it soon becomes clear that as much as it’s about sex, it’s nothing to do with sex as well.


It’s about knowing ourselves first. Before we can even think about another we have to know who we are. And before we can think about love we have to know our own heart.


Every journey is about love.


Every sexual healing journey has the vital element of connecting sex and love, heart and Yoni or Lingam.  Every choice for happiness comes from the heart. The interesting thing, working with sexuality, sexual energy generally opens pretty quickly, the heart takes time.
The connection between the two is vital for change, for creation, for healing and for manifestation.


Our sexual energy is the fuel, the creative energy, the fire. It needs to be ignited, sparked, brought to burn. The flame needs to be nurtured, to grow, to burn with sustenance.


And then through the heart its expressed. The choices we make become choices of love, of expansion.


We need tools for this, we need to understand how we work, how energy works, how healing happens, how change is brought about.


That’s what Making Love With Life is.
ow we can live lives with more love, for ourselves, for another and in a wider scope, life.


The retreat happens in a corner of the world where energies come together to create a space of magic. It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful, it’s happy.
It wraps you in possibility. The resort is luxurious, the food is fantastic.
The day begins with our launching to find the dolphins. Being in the water with them is magical and mystical.
We come back, have brunch, then it’s time for our work.
After that you have time to practice, play, be on the beach …
Then supper, we generally do more after supper.
One night we eat and dance in the village.


The retreat includes an amazing sound journey as well.


And in this, we learn, we heal, we grow, we love.