Masculine Presence


My lover and I are going to deeper places within ourselves, within each other, within love and within pleasure.
I’m learning about surrender.
I’m learning about surrendering to pleasure. 
I’m learning about her surrender to me, to take her deeper into pleasure.
And I’m learning that I have to surrender to myself first.
I have to know myself.
I have to claim myself, my pleasure. I have to go into my light, into my dark, deeply.
Only then can I hold the space for her.
Then I learn about masculine presence.
I learn that deep in the night when we’re deep in each other, when our eyes are locked into each other, when our hearts are open, to be there, to stay there.
I learn that when she’s reaching for a new level, when the sensation is intense and intensifying, when the heat is building and the fire is burning, to stay there, to hold the space, to hold it, to do what she needs to get there, sweating, gasping, being…
I learn of clawing and scratching and biting as the beast emerges, and how it releases the tigress within her.
I learn of tears and whispers and growls.
I learn that it comes from the heart. That love is about expanding myself, herself, and us.
I learn that the stronger she is, the stronger I will be.
I learn more each day of tenderness, gentleness, power and strength each day.
I learn of words and silence.
I learn of drinking her essence on her breath.
I learn of the power of giving myself to her with absolute choice, and taking with love and honouring what she chooses to give.
And I learn of love, knowing that each day our perception expands, our illusions drop and we see more of who we are and who we are becoming.