Meaning of Experience


All life, every moment, every breath, every touch is an exchange of energy.

I open to the world, the world opens to me.

I open to life, life opens to me.

All of the world, all of life.

It’s all part of me, and I am part of it.Chantal and I have been talking a lot about the meaning of life.
We’ve read different ideas and discussed them.
One of the things we came to is that life is about experience, having experiences.
Life lives through us.
Through our bodies, our feelings, our sensations.
We experience the world through our sensuality, taste, touch, sound, smell, sight and more.
Intimacy is the more, the heart, love.
Allowing ourselves to live, to explore, to learn, to grow.
And to feel. Everything. The joy and the hurt, the pain and the celebration, the anger and the peace, the loneliness and the connection, the anger and the love.
The meaning of life is engagement, immersion.
In our bodies, in movement, in dance.
Dancing with another, dancing with life, dancing with pleasure, dancing your hands on your skin.
It’s in song, singing the song of your life, of your heart, your soul.
It’s in your hands, making something, creating something, writing, painting, cooking, growing something. It’s in the touch of your lover’s skin, it’s in their breath on your neck.
It’s in the earth beneath your bare feet.
It’s in the tears you cry in the depths of the night.
It’s in watching the rising sun.
It’s in looking at the stars and wondering.
It’s in the conversations you have.
It’s in being present.
It’s in living beyond fear.
And it’s in loving beyond love.