Meet Yourself in Pleasure



In pleasure we meet ourselves.

In deep, conscious pleasure we meet some of the deepest parts of who we are.


My teaching journey began teaching about pleasure, particularly women’s pleasure.

This included offering touch, massage and pleasure experiences. These were experiences of deep pleasure, service, intimacy, fun, learning, discovery, emotion, exploration, healing, growth, spirit, connection, release and more.

Over time this journey expanded into working and sharing as deeply with men.


And over time I’ve come to see, in so many ways, the power and possibility of pleasure.

In this I have learned, developed and created, and continue to do, so many pleasure experiences.


One of these is that pleasure is a deep path of healing. When the focus of a journey is experiences of pleasure, so much within us changes.


On the path of pleasure we meet ourselves in many ways.

What’s so interesting is often in these experiences we give or receive, and both of these spaces have amazing learning and revealing possibilities. By revealing I mean it shows us aspects and elements of ourselves, some easy and flowing, some where we hold back, some where we don’t allow ourselves to go, some that challenge us.

And there are also experiences where there is no giving and receiving, there is simply flow, touch, sensation, energy that moves between us, within us, around us.

In this space we meet ourselves in another, we melt into one another and meet ourselves in deeper ways.


As we explore pleasure, and the many ways it expresses itself, from the gentle and tender, to the fire, to all of our bodies, hearts, minds, we meet ourselves, in so many ways.

We meet parts of us that are easy, acceptable, nice.

We meet parts of us that challenge us, scare us, terrify us, disgust us, confuse us, excite us. We meet our light, we meet our shadow.

We meet ourselves.

And in this meeting, if we’re willing, there is such possibility for us to become more whole. To drop who we were told we had to be, how we had to be, in pleasure, to be ourselves. To stop being what we were told was ‘acceptable’ and ‘nice’, to stop being a ‘good girl, or boy’, and to be who we are.


In this we explore and experience desire in so many ways, and we see how this becomes the desire for life in so many ways.

We explore passion and we see how this becomes the passion for life in so many ways.

We explore creativity and see how we become more creative in so many ways.

We explore intimacy and we see how many ways, how many moments there are, to experience intimacy.

And we meet ourselves in all of these places.

They become a mirror, showing us ourselves, they become a doorway into expansion.


There’s an energy in pleasure that allows us to feel, sensation, emotion.

And in consciousness, conscious pleasure, we allow whatever arises to be present.

And we meet ourselves.


We meet ourselves on our bodies.

Erotic wisdom dwells here, the eroticism of the heart, of the body. It’s a space to meet, to feel, spirit within us.

This wisdom is the wisdom of life.


In pleasure we have the space to explore ourselves, to see who we may be, how this feels, how we feel about that, how that makes us feel, how this part of us fits in.

We meet ourselves.


And we free ourselves, from shame, from judgment, from inhibition, from holding back into engagement, possibility and presence.


We meet our yes and our no, in pleasure.

We meet our honesty.

We meet the limitless space and possibility of pleasure, that changes, grows, expands, as we do.


As pleasure peels back the layers of conditioning, more of who we are is seen, shown, felt, and we meet more of ourselves.

We drop deeper and deeper into ourselves.

In this meeting of ourselves we explore love, what love is, how love can be, all the ways to love.

And all the ways to live as we make love with ourselves, with our lovers and with life.


For the next 2 weeks I am offering discounts on journeys of pleasure, healing and growth.

And something I haven’t done for a while, I am offering single session massage experiences, including Kashmiri Massage, Yoni and Lingam Massage, The Sensuality of Rope and Taoist massage.