Melting Pleasure





Melting Pleasure is going into a deep state of sexual experience.

It allows your sexual energy to flow through your entire body, to connect you in a space of intimacy to yourself, to your beloved, to life in an expression that is sacred.

Slow down.

Slow everything down.

Slow your breath, slow your body, slow your heart, slow your movement.

Rest within yourself.

In the slowness, in time, your mind will slow down to a quietness.

In the slowness you’ll feel.

In the slowness you’ll come into presence.

In the slowness there is intimacy.

In the slowness, in time, there is release.

Release of the past, release of the patterns, release of expectation.

In the slowness there is this moment.

There is you and I, joined in body, joined in heart.

In the slowness the pleasure comes from a place deep below the surface of the ocean of liquid pleasure in which we float.

It’s waves move through us, expanding us.

We are filled with sensation, with feeling.

Deeper, deeper, deeper.

In time, we melt.

Into being.

Ecstatic being.

Melting Pleasure changes the perception we have, as well as the way we make love.

There is no tension, there is no goal. There is no performance.

It’s a state of sexual being.

It becomes a sexual meditation.

The sensations are heightened, intense.

The feelings are intense, deep emotion.

The intimacy is expanding.

This is a practice of healing.

We hold so much tension, in our bodies, in our energy. Tension from the past, from families, from religion, from judgment, from shame, from guilt, from hurt. It sits in our bodies, limits our pleasure, limits our sexual freedom, limits our hearts.

In deep relaxation, in quiet, in the presence of pleasure energy, we begin to release as we soften.

This is a practice of growth.

As we change our sexual pattern we create the possibility of changing the patterns in other parts of our lives.

As we experience deeper pleasure in this way, so we allow ourselves greater pleasure in the fullness of life.

This is a practice of creation.

We elevate our emotions, we become more present within ourselves, we connect more to the energy of our heart, we have more energy to create. We come into clarity of what it is we want. We create a clearer intention.

This is a practice of love.

There is openness, vulnerability, Intimacy.

There is the willingness to connect do deeply with another that in time, even for a few moments, I cease to be and become one with another, and in this I experience Life.

This is a practice of being limitless.

In opening to greater energy, in becoming more present, in feeling more, in connecting more, we go deeper into ourselves.

We have more to share, more to give.

This is a practice of exploration, of learning.

My resistances are shown to me.

My fears are shown to me.

My withholds are shown to me.

And the more I release, the more I feel, the more I connect, the deeper into pleasure I go, the more I see the possibility of love and of life.