Miracles and Magic



So many people are looking for miracles and magic. The technique that’s going to make it all happen, the way to manifest. The product that’s going to raise consciousness, open energy. The path to enlightenment. I have to digress here for a moment about that, enlightenment. It’s not a place or state you reach and everything is happy and joyful and rainbows. Enlightenment is a constantly evolving and expanding space. And because of the humanness within us, because of life, because of the world and its impact on us, there are days where we’ll be ‘more enlightened’ than others, days where we’ll be more connected to life than others. I think enlightenment is that we’ll see more of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and how we can change it when we’re not so connected.

Back to the miracles.

It’s not outside.

It’s not in a product or technique.

It’s inside of us.

More specifically, it’s on our hearts.

There are techniques to help us be more connected to life, become more awake, aware, conscious, raise our vibration, change, growth, expand.

There’s no magic formula that works for everyone.

It’s a journey of discovery, of exploration, of learning, of doing, of practicing, of refining, of exploring.

And it’s up to us to do the work that it requires.

It’s going deep into ourselves, seeing who we are, what we’ve done, how we’ve done it. And how we can do it differently.

And it’s all about the heart.

That’s where the magic is.

And the miracle.

The miracles take time.

We could, in the realm of possibility, change it all, ourselves, in a short time.

Our mind blocks that, resists it. And more. Change has consequences. Not good or bad, just that when we change internally our lives change. That can create upheaval, have huge impact on us, on our families, the way we live, jobs, the life we choose. When we go a little slower we can integrate the changes. We can build a foundation that’s solid. We can understand a little more each day.

And we gather, gather our energy, allow it to get stronger, the channels clearer. We connect more.

And then bigger shifts become possible. Our bodies can hold more energy, we can use it with greater clarity.

If we open our eyes we’ll see that magic happens every day on this journey. It’s not always what we think it is, what the spiritual illusion has given us. It’s not sexy to talk about practice, about tears, about frustration, about impatience.

But when we see it happen, when we feel it, when our hearts are so open that often all we can do is sit in tears and in wonder, of is that so so sexy.


Do the work.


It’ll happen.

And it is magic.