My First Taoist Massage



I remember the very first Taoist Sexual Energy Massage I received.

I had done many, taught it lots, and never received it.

Then I taught it to a lover, who gave me the experience of the massage.

After the massage she was sitting next to me, I reached to put my arms around her, and I sobbed, gut-wrenching sobs that went on and on.

I have no idea what was released, no conscious awareness of it.

I do remember the peace I felt afterwards.

And the arousal.


I think about many Taoist Massage  experiences I’ve had, and something amazing about them.

Every one has been so different.


Last week, sharing the experience with someone, I had an image.

It was of a well traveled road, well known, and every time we travel it, we see things we’ve never seen before, we feel things we’ve never felt before.

It’s the same road and it’s always different.


The road is the movements of the massage.

They’re the same every time, and this is  the power of the massage.

Following the meridian energy channels, clearing blockages in these, then building the energy, building it, to spread the energy throughout the body.

Where the body, the innate wisdom within us, does what it needs with the energy.

We’re helping the body bring itself into balance.

And this is where the healing is.

We don’t do healing, the healing happens.

And as we do this as a regular practice we experience more of the power, more of the subtlety, more of the energy.

And more of the pleasure.

Such pleasure, as we’re able to hold more energy in our bodies.


I’ve had experiences of healing in many ways.

I’ve had experiences that are so arousing I don’t know what to do with myself, with mind-blowing, literally, sex, afterwards.

I’ve had experiences that I’ve had no awareness of the massage after the first few minutes.

I’ve had experiences of deep emotion.

I’ve had experiences of Oneness with life in a way that I’ve felt in my cells vibrating.

I’ve had experiences where I’ve felt the energy move in my body as alive as it is.

I’ve had experiences where I haven’t been able to move for hours afterwards.

I’ve had experiences where I’ve felt the vastness of my body, so much bigger than we perceive it to be.

I’ve had experiences similar to a psychedelic trip.

I’ve had experiences…


It’s a road well-traveled, and at the same time a road we’ve never been on before.

For us to learn this, in relationship, as practitioners, gives us an experience of healing, of intimacy, of energy, of touch, of relaxation, of pleasure.

And on the journey of exploring, experiencing our sexual energy, a vital element of the Life Erotic.