My Heart




This is my heart

And I was never taught the mineness of it

It’s mine to look after

To nourish, to nurture

To connect with, to know

Intimately, deeply

It’s mine to heal

Knowing now that it was going to be hurt

Almost from the beginning

It was going to be scraped, bruised, torn

It was going to explode with love

And shatter with pain

And it’s mine

It’s mine in the quiet of the lonely night

And it’s mine watching the sun on the ocean

It’s mine with the warmth of your hand on my chest

It’s mine as I pour my passion into you

It’s mine as I open my secrets to you

And it’s mine in the emptiness that was once filled by you

It’s mine to sit with as it heals

And it’s mine to open to love again

This is my heart

And I open it to life.