My Love is My Arousal



Conscious Pleasure Experiences have the amazing quality of being portals of learning, healing and growth. This is where we shift from having sex to making love. We shift from a goal-oriented experience, orgasm, to a heart-centered experience. We shift from a genital experience to a full body experience. We shift from sex being done to you, to me, to a flow between us. We shift from a space where the point of release is sought to a space of being. We shift from a body focus to an energy focus. We shift from an end to a possibility. It begins in the heart. Then it grows and moves, up, down, throughout your body. It comes back to the heart, expanded, heated, deeper. And it takes us deeper. When the focus is love, making love, everything becomes an expression of that. My eyes looking into yours. My kiss on your lips. The taste of your mouth. My hands on your body. My Lingam inside you. Your Yoni welcoming me. The feelings, the emotions… And then there’s more. Making love, in the moment, can be the dance of our hands, fingers caressing each other. Intensity. A moment anywhere with a conscious breath. And then there’s more. Presence. Making love is an expression of presence. Presence is a quality of love. When the fire begins in my heart it brings my body into presence. Into being. I am seen in making love with you. I am felt in making love with you. I am acknowledged in making love with you. And I am loved in making love with you. Thank you, my beautiful love.