My Massage Journey




My journey in healing began with massage and I have reconnected with this in such a beautiful and deep way.

Bodywork, touchwork, have always been a big part of what I do, from the understanding that our patterns are in the mind and in the body.

We are energy, our bodies are energy.

Every emotion, every sensation is an energy, has a frequency.

Everything we’ve done, everything that’s been done to us, is an energy.

These events, these experiences, sit in our tissues, in our muscles, in our joints, in our fascia, in our nervous system, in our posture, in our movement.

Our bodies are a reflection of all that we are, all that we’ve done, all that’s been done to us.

These events and experiences create our patterns, whether expansive or contractive, whether patterns of pain, limitation, inhibition, fear, disconnect, holding on or patterns of release relaxation, integration, creativity, exploration, connection and intimacy.

These patterns are in the mind as well as in the body.

Healing, changing, releasing allows energy to move and flow.

Like a river needs to flow, so does our energy.

Where the river gets blocked the water gets dirty and full of mosquitoes and all sorts of junk.

So it is with our energy.

The points of blockage are the pains of our lives, the hurt and limitation that we hold onto and live with and from.

As we release these in the body the flow begins, we’re able to let go, we’re able to begin to change, heal, expand and in time, create.

Touch is one of the most powerful languages of the body.

Heart Touch, a touch of presence, of intimacy, of connection, allows the body to release to relax, to open, to find a new way of being, of moving, physically, emotionally and in energy.

This touch goes deeply into the body, it’s an expression of energy. It goes through the skin. It talks to our cells, our tissues. It carries a message of release, of relaxation, of peace. It carries a message of letting go.

And in time, it carries a message of creation, of possibility.

And when we add the energy of pleasure to this, we’re adding a supercharged element.

It’s all about frequency.

The frequency of pleasure is light, it’s joyous, it’s happy, it’s a celebration, it’s vibrant and alive and vital.

It connects with intelligence within the body, an energy that guides where it needs. And in this brings something new to the mind. We can change the mind through the body.

From this renewed connection, and deeper understanding of this touch has emerged new massage experiences, bringing elements of sensation and energy together in a way I’ve never been able to see before.

Its come out of my own healing, learning and expanding my understanding.

I’m amazed at what I’m seeing people do with it in my practice, and I’m loving teaching it, and seeing how it’s expanding the people learning it.

I’ve always said that there are no limits to energy, to pleasure, simply what we’ll allow.

I love the possibility that’s there for all of us.

I’d like to share with you one of the experiences that I’m working with.

We’ll focus here on the practice of it rather than going into the explanation.

It centres around the sacrum.

The space you’re doing this in is warm and comfortable, it has the elements that are important to you.

The person you’re working with lies on their stomach.

I begin with one hand on the sacrum, the other on the heart centre.

I guide the person to take three deep breaths, I do the same.

The hand on the sacrum begins to move in a slow, gentle circle.

Really slowly.

For at least 10 minutes.

Then one hand stays on the sacrum, the other strokes down the leg, slowly. Each stroke takes close to 2 minutes.

Do this 3-5 times on each leg.

You’ll have to move to the other side of the body for the other leg so your arms don’t get tangled up.

Then one hand stays on the sacrum, the other strokes up the spine, slowly, slowly.

That’s it.

Simple, but what it’s doing…

When we work with the wisdom of the body we’re allowing so many things to happen, which will be different for everyone, and different every time.

We’re creating a space of connection, of relaxation, of release, allowing energy to move, allowing the innate power within us to do what we most need.