My Own Journey


Over the past months I’ve experienced a deep sadness.

I’ve felt it in my body, in my being, in my energy, in my heart.

In this space intimacy became almost impossible and a relationship ended.

Being creative, writing as much as I usually do was a struggle.

I felt it in my body, in my gut, deep inside, in my heart not being open.

There were tears I needed to cry that would not come.

My energy was low, sleep was disturbed.


I spent time with the sadness.

It was an alone time, and a lonely time.

I worked with it, meditated, breathed, did healing processes and went deeper into myself than ever before.

I saw myself in ways I never have, saw some of the things I’d done in ways I never had, in one ceremony lay sobbing on the floor feeling more broken than ever.

And in time it began to change.

My body began to ease the hold of this sadness.

I began to sleep again, my energy came up.

I felt once again.

I was able to connect more with my inspiration, with my creativity.

My intuition deepened.

I was able to work with my clients deeper than ever.

My teaching tool on new dimensions.

I saw myself, felt myself as more whole than before.


I was able to experience so much of what I teach and appreciate the gifts of everything that happens.

The work I’ve done over the years allowed me to see the possibility in this, regardless of how long it took to change, to become something else.


What I’d like to share with you from this for now is this:


Healing, deep healing, takes time.

Be patient with yourself.

Be kind with yourself.

It doesn’t shift on its own, whatever it is, do the work.

Everything we do stays with us, everything we heal becomes part of us. It doesn’t go away, doesn’t disappear. It becomes something different within us, sits differently inside of us.

Understanding about patterns is vital.

Understanding the patterns we live with, that everything is a pattern coming from what we’ve done, what’s been done to us, what came before us, what we believe, what we think, what we feel.

We can create new patterns, and understanding the levels needed for that, the mind, the brain, the body, the heart, energy, breath, are all part of this being.

Our patterns are in our bodies as much as in our minds.

Everything is energy.

Connecting with your heart, being in your heart makes so much possible.

The consciousness of the body is a guide when we learn to listen and connect with that. It speaks in a language that’s different for all of us.

Intuition is an intelligence far greater than we may think.

As the past reflects in the body so does the future, and time is not linear anyway.

The deeper I go, the more I learn the more I experience, the more I see mystery in everything. As an aside I’ve come to appreciate the word mystery so much more than spirituality.

Sexual Energy, as so much of my work begins there, has such great power to heal and create when we go beyond the narrow perception that our world sees it for.

Engagement, with ourselves, with our hurt, with our issues, asking questions more than seeking answers allows something different to emerge, it takes us to a part of the mind that’s more intuitive, more creative, more inspired.

We can heal more through possibility than pain. Trying to fix a problem or ease a pain keeps us focused on the problem. It’s a contraction rather than an expansion.

We are so much more, in body, in mind, in heart and in energy than we are generally aware of.

The slower we go, the more things happen.

Every moment has such possibility.


As I heal more, grow more, see more, learn more, feel more, I am inspired to share more in whatever way I can.


I look forward to sharing with you.