Naked freedom, naked sex.

Naked sex?

Isn’t all sex naked?

Most of the time, sometimes it’s partially clothed, sometimes it’s in a costume, sometimes it’s just pulling something down, pulling something aside.

And there’s more.

Naked is standing revealed, open, owning who we are, the things we enjoy, the things that arouse us, interest us, the things we’re curious about.

It’s owning the desires we have, the fantasies we have.

It’s acknowledging that some of the sexual things we do touch places inside of us that we need to be touched, that we need to express, that are parts of who we are in fullness.

I remember how long it took me to own and be comfortable with aspects of my sexuality.

I remember the fear I felt about sharing aspects of my sexuality and experiences.

I think of how many women, in relationship, who have had pleasure massage, orgasmic experiences, and afterwards expressed feeling guilty, shamed.

I think of how many men have expressed and shared their desires, fantasies, and said how shamed they’ve felt about them, how disconnected they’ve felt from them.

I think of how many people have shared fears about what they want sexually, how they’ve judged themselves, felt judged, have been unable to express themselves, and the inner conflict, hurt and lack of self they’ve felt.

I think of how many people have expressed feeling alone, isolated, because of their desire, what they thought about, wanted.

I think of how many people suffer with the shame and embarrassment of sexual issues, the impact on their lives.

I think of how many of us have been made to feel dirty.

Hidden, not naked and peaceful, accepted.

Sex is still the part of life judged the most, censored the most.

It’s still the aspect of life that so many social media platforms try to control.

It’s still the part of life we fear the most, have the least knowledge about, the most myth and misunderstanding about.

Owning who we are sexually has deep implications, for us.

It’s about owning our bodies, our bodies, my body. And I choose what to do with my body, not only who I’ll share it with, and how, but more. How I’ll care for it in health terms, how I’ll manage it.

Owning our hearts. How we’ll love, how we’ll have relationships. How we’ll explore the labels, boxes and possibilities. How we’ll live with more love, in every way.

Owning our pleasure. How we’ll find fulfillment, how we’ll choose freedom over fear.

Owning our feelings. How we’ll allow ourselves to feel, everything we feel and allow the energy of emotion to flow within us.

Owning the connection between sex and spirit. How we’ll express ourselves as Divine, in celebration of the bliss of life, the ecstasy of every cell of my body, the sacred pleasure of union.

Owning choice over judgment. How we’ll choose to question, how we’ll choose what speaks to us rather than an imposed system.

Owning acceptance over separation. How we’ll be more whole with all of who we are. How we’ll see that there’s more that connects us that separates us, from seeing more of myself, naked.

Owning the interconnectedness of everything, of everyone. Our sexuality is our minds, hearts, bodies, energy, nothing in isolation, nothing in separation.

There’s consciousness in this, there’s presence.

What I do in one part of life I begin to bring into all parts of life.

There’s beauty in the naked.

There’s a simplicity in the naked, as complex as we are, as complex as our emotions, minds, bodies, hearts are. The simplicity is in the expression of love, of the sacred. The simplicity is in softening into ourselves, into our ego, and being who we are.

Naked, in a world of limitless possibility.

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