Natural Connection



Much of healing is about connection.

Connecting with parts of ourselves we’ve been disconnected from through stress, trauma and judgement. Connecting with parts of ourselves we’ve disconnected from.

This is where the journey begins.

Within us.

As we connect, reconnect, claim, reclaim, know, accept, integrate, and in time , love these parts of ourselves, we come into a space of a deeper awareness of ourselves.

This allows our awareness to expand outwards to another, others, life, the world, and maybe even beyond that.


This past weekend I was at a Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony. It was held at a beautiful Lodge out in the African bush.

On the Saturday morning we were up early for a morning Sweat. I looked at birds flying on the sky, how they moved as one. I became aware of how nature is connected. The sun, the moon, the earth, the wind, the rain, the seasons, the animals.

Everything is part of everything.

Everything lead to something, gives to something, takes from something, simply by being.

It doesn’t try to be anything else.


Our disconnect from ourselves is deeply reflected in our disconnect from nature, from the earth, from each other.

As we struggle and judge parts of ourselves, so we do of others.

As we separate from parts of ourselves, so we do from others.

As we destroy parts of ourselves, so we do others.

And so we do our world.


Healing our world begins with healing ourselves.

Healing our planet begins with healing ourselves.

This healing begins in the heart.

Connecting with our own hearts.

The energy field of the heart is strong. It expands outwards from us.

In the heart healing we naturally extend that out into the world.

We naturally connect more with others as we become more ourselves.

We naturally see that what we’ve been given as separation is not natural.


In many cultures one of the questions the shamans and medicine people and healers ask when a person is ill is ‘When did you stop connecting with nature?’

Natural Connection is the awareness of nature, yes. And more.


Our nature.

Our hearts.

Open to love, to connection.

And the possibilities this creates.