One Journey, Thank You



We’ve shared a lot this year, you and I.

Some in person, some on the other side of a screen, some reading what I write, some on my DVD’s and programmes.

I am grateful for all of it.

I learn from our discussions, questions and comments, whatever they are.

I learn about myself, and this year, maybe more than ever, has been some of the deepest learning. It’s also been a year of looking deeper into myself than ever, with more truth than ever.

I learn about this journey, this work. As much as I can call it work, because it’s a joy to share what we do.

And as difficult, limited and censorious as  some of these platforms are, they allow us to share.


We’re about to be inundated, as we already are, by a lot of new year bullshit.

I’d like to share my take on this.


There’s one journey.

Our journey.

Our inner journey.

Your journey is mine, and my journey is yours.

We grow and we learn together.

We heal and we release together.

We explore and discover together.

There are no quick fixes and there are no shortcuts.

There is commitment, to ourselves.

To life, to love.

To possibility.

There’s the dropping of illusion and the opening of our eyes. Our inner eyes to see within. And as we do that we see more in the world

There’s the opening of our hearts, to feel Love.

There’s the wisdom of our bodies, such wisdom.

There’s the presence in life.

There’s awareness.

There’s sensuality, desire and exploring what these are.

There’s pleasure, energy and the expansion these bring.

There’s our hurt, our pain, our tears, and the possibility these bring.

There’s touch, dance, breath, intimacy.

There’s an endless, limitless, journey.

It’s inside of us, that’s the journey.

And it’s our journey.

A journey of possibility.


I chose A Path of Pleasure, A Path of Possibility for Eroslife.

It sounded good, of course I had some idea of what it meant. And each day I learn more.

Of both, the pleasure, and the possibility.

The Pleasure is not ignoring, suppressing, repressing the hurt we feel.

The Possibility is allowing all of us to be present. All of who we are. Seeing ourselves, life, the world, through new eyes every day. And knowing what’s inside of us that’s always there.


How we can live more and more with love, from love, through love, in love.

Not the ‘love and light’ that distracts us from going within.

The love of the fire that burns away what stops us seeing ourselves.

The love that takes us into the darkness to see what hides there, within us.

It’s not always a gentle love.

And even in its deepest moments there’s a tenderness in it.

The Pleasure is in feeling, everything.

In coming to Oneness.


To change anything, to heal anything, to make anything different, in ourselves, in our relationships, in our work, in our pleasure and sexuality, in our spirituality, in our world, we go within.

It all comes from inside of us, there is no other way.

Our bodies are the way.


The past weeks have been inspiring for me, so much coming to awareness, so much new emerging for us to share.

For us to learn, unlearn, experience, explore.

So much to love.

This is our journey.

All of it.

The breath of possibility.

Thank you for sharing it with me, and I look forward to our sharing more, yet more.

Please message me to explore the journey.