Orgasmic Gratitude


One of the energies that helped me change, and continues to change, my life is gratitude. I have developed a daily practice around this, which expands and connects me.


It got me thinking about something that I’ve called Orgasmic Gratitude.


This is about being grateful for your body, your pleasure and your orgasms.


I’m explaining this as a self-pleasuring practice, it can also be done with a lover, and even in the space of sexual energy massage.


As well as taking your pleasure to a new level, it’s also deeply healing, connecting your to your body and your sexuality in a beautiful and powerful way.

The words of gratitude that I’m sharing in this are simply a guide.


Create a sacred space for your experience.

Warmth is vital, candles, music, incense, crystals, shells, whatever is important for you.

Add towels, pillows and lubricant.

Begin by placing your hands on your heart centre.

Breathe into your heart.

Long, slow, deep breaths.

Into your heart, out of your heart.

Come into your body, into presence.

When your mind wanders, come back to this breath.

Express gratitude for your breath, for the life it gives you.

‘I am grateful for my breath ’, add whatever else you might want to…


Hold your hands up, palms and fingers touching. Gently, slowly, begin to touch your hands, dance them with each other. Stroke your fingers, your palms, between your fingers, the back of your hands.

‘I am grateful for my hands, for my touch, for the sensuality I feel. I am grateful to give to myself, to receive from myself, to feel myself, to know myself…

Extend your touch to your face, to your arms, your belly, your breasts, your chest, your thighs…

‘I am grateful for my body, maybe talk to each body part, for sensations, for feeling, for my pleasure, for feeling my body begin to be aroused…

Place your hands on your Yoni or Lingam.


‘I am grateful for my Yoni or Lingam, for the pleasure, he or she brings me. I am grateful for how beautiful she or he is, how hot he feels, how wet she gets. I am grateful for how she opens, how he fills her. I am grateful for his or her power. I am grateful for the pleasure I am able to give and receive. I am grateful for the connection between my sex and my heart…

Begin to build your sexual energy.

Breathing will help keep you present.

Feel the feelings, the sensations.

‘I am grateful for the fire of my pleasure…

‘I am grateful for my orgasm, for its energy, it’s power, it’s healing, it’s release…

Let it go, let it take you…

Be with your energy, be with yourself.

Take time, maybe wrap yourself in a blanket, drift…

Come back slowly…