Permission for Pleasure


Permission for Pleasure

And Conscious Sexuality Workshops

There’s something I talk about a lot, it comes up a lot in the healing journeys I share with people, on talks and workshops, and it comes up a lot in interviews.
In essence it’s that we get no, or very little education for pleasure. The extension of this is education for relationships and for love.

There’s something I hear a lot, especially from young people whose relationships are floating along, sometimes happily, sometimes peacefully, sometimes unaware of the fact that just below the surface of the water deep and dangerous currents lurk, rocks and all sorts of obstacles are there. What they say, and not so young people as well, ‘I thought love was enough’.
It’s not.

Having a fulfilled relationship, and fulfilled pleasure experiences, needs a lot more.
And one of the things it needs is permission.
When we have no education for pleasure, we often have no permission. In fact just the opposite. When our education is fear-based, when it’s about all the things that could go wrong, all the negatives about sex, about our bodies, about guilt and shame and embarrassment and judgement, when it’s about pressure and performance, when it’s about someone else’s needs and wants, we have no permission.

We have contraction rather than expansion.

And so we look for permission.
When we look for permission in the world we mostly get an obscured perspective, simply because so much of the sexuality in our world is based on a porn model of how it should be, or a Hollywood model of how it should be.

When we seek that permission inside of ourselves, when we go on a journey into our own sensuality, sexuality and self, when we connect our hearts, our energy to our sexuality, when we put our sexuality in the context of our lives, so much changes.
We allow ourselves the authenticity of who we are, as sexual beings, as pleasure beings, and how that expands into our lives.
We allow ourselves the freedom of who we are, and how that expands into our lives.
We allow ourselves feelings, sensations, desires, vitality, creativity, and how that expands into our lives.
We allow ourselves to explore, our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our energy, and how that expands into our lives.

We also, in time, give ourselves permission to go into the places that dark within us, into the places that are scary within us, and how that expands into our lives.

We give ourselves conscious permission, choice. With awareness, with presence, and we see how that expands into our lives.
We give ourselves permission for intimacy, for connection, for learning, for exploration, for expansion and more.

One of the ways we do this is being in a space that allows us to do that, a Conscious Sexuality Workshop Space. We’re with people on similar journeys. We’re in a space of acceptance. We’re in a space where open questions and discussion are possible, we’re in a space that is a space of permission for pleasure.

I see and hear, as do so many of my colleagues, how much, sometimes how desperately, people are looking for permission, for someone to say, it’s ok, you can do this, you can enjoy this, you can love this, you can have this. Nobody can, other than you.

I’ll be in Cape Town soon for a week of workshops, back in Jo’burg after that, come and join us.

I’ll be at The Love Sex Expo at Grand West from Thurs 6th to Sun 9th, please come and say hi.

As well as everything else the workshops offer, in that week they make the best Valentine’s Gift ever.

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Yoni and Lingam Massage, Sun 16th Feb.
Water Flow Massage in Jo’burg, Tues 25th Feb, please book early, it gets full.
Awakening The Erotic Spirit, Thurs 20th Feb, Johannesburg.

I Wish You So Much Pleasure!