Presence in Deep Yoni Massage





There is something fascinating that happens in Deep Yoni Massage.

And I’m using the word deep in a few different ways here.

And all of them are about presence, connection, intimacy, awareness, the heart.

Which is the journey of the guide, an inner journey. I’m using the word guide instead of giver, doer, because you’re simply guiding the energy, guiding her body.. Everything is within her, and in this experience, there’s a conversation, a deep conversation beyond words.

It’s a conversation of the body, of sensation, of awareness.

It’s a deeply intimate conversation, in your body talking to my hands, and me sensing that. No thought. Sensing, feeling, being.

As soon as it’s a thought, the feeling is lost, and then it becomes an experience of what should I do, how should I move, am I doing it right, who am I doing it for, how much can I turn you on.

It becomes about my thoughts, rather than what’s there in the touch, there in your body, and in mind.


The first is deep as in a deep state of arousal, of pleasure, and of energy.

And one of the really important elements of deep in this way, is the time it takes for that state to be reached.

You can’t rush it, you can’t force it, you can’t make it happen.

It happens on its own, and it’s different every time.

We so often want these instructions, these manuals, that tell us to do this 3 times, this for 2 minutes, then step 45. We want a formula, which is much easier than the journey of deep listening, the quiet within me.

You have to feel it.

An element of your presence here is to sit in a welcoming openness that has no pressure.


It requires your presence.

Your body, your heart, your mind, your throat, present.

And in this presence, only in this presence, you’re able to listen to the way her body, her energy talks to you.

It talks in a way beyond words, it talks in a level of deeper consciousness.

It talks in a way that something inside of you senses, and in this, the conversation without words, a conversation of feeling, of knowing, your hands move.

Your breath flows, your throat opens, your heart opens, your pelvis opens, and all are expressed in your touch.

It’s subtle, this inner connection.

And it’s only in the quiet of presence that we sense it.

In the subtlety we become aware of how her body, sometimes so slightly, offers itself to be touched. A movement, an opening, a curve that lifts, that opens.

It’s not in thought, as soon as you think, you’ve missed it.

It’s in the feeling.


The next deep is that deep in her Yoni are the most amazing pleasure spots, the most amazing energy spots.

For these to be experienced and felt, they have to be activated. Which often begins with healing, clearing what’s blocked there.

Often from a lifetime of patterning, conditioning, tension, contraction.

That takes time.

Then it takes time, in each experience, for these deeper points to awaken.

And then, we come back to presence.

In this presence, in the slowness, your body does something amazing.

It guides my hand, my fingers, where to touch. Your body presents itself to me, and I’ll only feel that in awareness.

It’s subtle, and if I think it, I’ve lost it.

It’s in the energy, it’s in the connection, it’s in the sensation.

It’s in the breath.

It’s in a subtle tilt of your pelvis, of your Yoni. It’s in a moment inside of you, a throbbing, a buzzing.


We, our journeys, of healing, of growth, of awareness, are so entwined, men and women.

There’s an offering in this journey, and in this Deep Yoni Massage.

For us to experience ourselves in so many ways.

We become one in this, the toucher, the touched, the touch.

Possibility that drops us deeper into ourselves, into each other.

In the possibility of presence.