A BJ Webinar With a Twist

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A BJ Webinar With a Twist



Thursday 17 Feb

7:30 pm SAST


There is such deep pleasure in the art of Oral Pleasure, giving and receiving.

And as Feb is Fellatio Month its time to share.


That’s a kind of standard opening for a blurb about a BJ workshop.

There’s a lot in it that’s true, and there’s a whole lot more.


And that’s The Twist.


One of the things that I find fascinating and amazing about our sexual experiences is how much is in them, how many levels there are, and how many places within ourselves, and with a partner they have to offer us.


And a BJ is one of them.


Here’s the Twist.

It can just be a BJ, and if you learn some techniques it can be an experience of amazing sensation and orgasm.


And it can be so much more.

It can be a meditation for the person giving the BJ.

It can be an experience of deep, even orgasmic pleasure, for the person giving the BJ.

It can even be a spiritual experience for the person giving the BJ.

It becomes a space where giving and receiving merge into an energy of connection and intimacy.


We often hear about how the receiving is in the giving. This is an experience where that happens.

And when we get that so much changes in our sexuality and pleasure!


In this webinar, A BJ With a Twist, here’s what I’m going to share with you:


Male Sexual Anatomy, and some of the subtleties you might be aware of.

Heart Breath, and how that makes you more present during a BJ and why that’s important.

The Techniques, and how those will help you be more confident, and give greater pleasure and have more fun.

And The Twist, how to make this amazingly pleasurable, even orgasmic, for the giver, connect with the spirituality of it, and expand your meditation practice.


And there is something else we’ll touch on, deepening into The Twist.

There is a fascinating experience called A Throat Orgasm.

There is a connection between your throat and cervix through the vagus nerve.

I’m not going to say more here, join me on the webinar for this.


And as well as all this I’m adding a download of my Lingam Meditation and Ultimate BJ DVD for you.

The webinar will be recorded for wherever you are.


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