Breast and Heart Massage Webinar

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Breast and Heart Massage Webinar



Breast and Heart Massage

Breast and Heart Massage is the space where healing, relaxation, release, nurturing, intimacy and arousal meet.

Breasts are symbolic of nurturing, nourishing, this massage, brings that inwards, awakening the energy of nurturing herself, and allowing herself to receive more of that.

When we connect this to the heart centre it becomes an expression of self-love, self-care. As a natural expression of this, healing, release happens.

There is an awakening, an awareness of herself. So many women talk about being more in their bodies after the Breast Massage, of feeling more.

The arousal is deep in the body, connected to the heart. This often is connected to a delicious appreciation of the feelings without anything else being needed. It’s an experience of sensual energy, vitality and aliveness.

There’s also an acceptance of a part of the body that has been judged so much, that has so much pressure to look and be a certain way. This acceptance moves through the heart to all spects of her being, creating a greater intimacy with her body, herself.

This lesson includes:

Creating a Sensual Space

The Heart Salutation of Connection

The Heart Touch

Breast and Heart Massage

Breast Massage for Yourself .


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