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Eros Connection - A Day of Intimacy



Sat 15 May, 9:30 am – 5:30, Venue to be Confirmed, Johannesburg

This is a day of exploring, experiencing, learning how to create intimacy through touch, breathe, communication and energy. Essentially it’s a workshop for couples, of all orientations, however everyone is welcome to the experience.

You’ll learn the practices of intimacy through the mind, the heart, the body and energy. These tools will give you ways to firstly a 6-8 week programme of connecting with your partner, and secondly to be in a space of intimacy as a way of being.

We’ll talk about patterns and how they impact on our relationships, we’ll talk about intimacy and sensuality, how pleasure offers a path of healing and growth in relationship, we’ll talk about emotions and communication, and we’ll learn and experience the practices of intimacy of Eros Connection.

And I’ve added something extra to this exciting day, a mini-workshop on kissing.

There is no nudity.

The day, includes lunch, and a download of my Eros Connection DVD set, as well as the audio book Let’s Talk About Sex is R1250/person.


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