Erotic Touch - An Experience, An Exploration of Sensation

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Erotic Touch - An Experience, An Exploration of Sensation




There is an art of Erotic Touch.

It’s a world of sensation, of feeling, of intimacy.

It can be endlessly creative, exciting and oh so pleasurable.

The Erotic is an expression of our sensuality in so many ways, expressed gently, tenderly, softly and with fire and passion.

It’s one of the keys to keeping a relationship alive, and to helping us be extraordinary lovers.

It’s also a path of awareness, presence and consciousness.

Exploring, getting in touch with, awakening the erotic within us is healing, liberating, empowering.

It’s both an energy journey of personal discovery and an expression of ourselves in life and love.

You’ll learn how to be more erotically present, how to touch in many ways from the gentle and sensual to the fire, how to use your mouth, your breath, your voice, erotic rope and fabric, how to build sexual energy and more…

Join me for a day of exploring, experiencing, giving, receiving Erotic Touch.

This workshop is for everyone, men, women, of all orientations, singles and couples.





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