Multiple-Partner Experiences - A Free Webinar

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Multiple-Partner Experiences - A Free Webinar



Thurs 30 June, 8 pm SAST

A while ago a few people asked me about orgies.

I shared that I thought they were hard work, unfulfilling and over rated. This was a little tongue in cheek, but not so much.

what’s interesting is that the word orgy comes from the Greek ‘orgias’, which was a ritual of transcendence. There was a great deal of inner preparation for this experience, being a ritual of the heart, the body, the mind. It included food, music, dancing, as well as pleasure. We’ve put this in the context of a bunch of bodies rolling around sexually.

Since then, in the past weeks, there have been many conversations and discussions about experiences with more than one partner, threesomes, foursomes and more.

We invite you to a Free Webinar discussing these topics.

We’ll talk about the why, the intention.

We’ll talk about opening the discussion with a partner, and how these discussions can lead to deeper intimacy and connection in a relationship.

We’ll talk about how to keep your relationship safe.

We’ll talk about what happens from fantasy, conversation, to reality.

We’ll  talk about the choreography of an experience, how nobody feels left out

And more…

Join Gabi and I for an exploration of the possibilities…

Here’s the link to register for the webinar


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