Sexual Healing 1

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Sexual Healing 1




Thurs 22 Feb, 7 pm

Amani House, Hout Bay


Includes the audio book, Let’s Talk About Sex and Access to The Gooroo Guide WhatsApp Group


So many of our journeys into Conscious Sexuality, Sensuality, Eroticism, Tantra, begin with healing.

Healing from the guilt and shame we carry, the inhibitions, the limitations, the fear, the disconnect, the hurts…

To move into possibility, into intimacy. Into connection, into feeling, into sensation, into excitement, into fun, into freedom, into exploration…

I’ve been working with people on journeys of sexual healing for over 20 years, and it’s time to share some of these practices in a workshop.

This experience will open the door to sexual healing, giving you a framework, an understanding of healing, a model of possibility, and the first practices for this exciting life-long journey of discovery and experience.

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