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Taoist Sexual Energy Massage Meditation



Taoist Sexual Energy Massage is one of the most beautiful and powerful expressions of touch and sexual energy.
One of the pillars of Taoist sexuality is using our sexual energy, which is our life force, for health and longevity.
That’s what the massage does, it balances our entire energy system every time you receive it.
It keeps the energy in the body, allowing us to use it for health, for creativity and for meditation, for access to higher states of energy and consciousness.
The massage uses sexual energy as the fuel to clear blockages in our energy system, which we all have from time to time.
It builds the energy in stages, increasing the arousal and power of the energy.
The sexual and genital part of the massage is actually short. And this is where so much of the power of the massage lies. It’s about keeping in the energy in the body, not exploding it in orgasm. We struggle with this, many of us. Simply because we’re so conditioned to go there whenever our sexual energy starts to build. For many people, men more so than women, this is a strange and frustrating feeling. Once again, because we’re so deeply patterned to take that to orgasm.
When we can go beyond that then we start to receive the amazing and myriad gifts our sexual energy has. We begin to understand how it goes so much deeper than just being about sex, that there is purpose in this energy. We can harness and direct it in so many ways.
One of the most beautiful qualities of Taoist massage is that it works with the body’s intelligence to move the energy where it’s most needed. The massage movements, which are precise and exact, working with the meridians and other energy channels, clear the energy blockages, allowing the energy to flow. Your body knows what it needs. And so it does it’s own healing. The massage is a tool to facilitate that. And by keeping the energy in the body, that becomes possible.
Because Taoist massage is a sexual energy experience it has a beautiful pleasure element, if we’re willing to allow the full cycle of energy. This requires us to understand the deeper purpose of the massage, and to be patient as our bodies allow for a new experience.
I’ve often said that our pleasure is without limits. Taoist Sexual Energy Massage opens amazing doors of healing, pleasure and exploration.
Taoist Sexual Energy Massage is available as an experience for men and women, as well as a lesson.


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