The Art of Arousal - Making Love With Your Hands

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The Art of Arousal - Making Love With Your Hands



Touch is the language of the body.

Sensual and Erotic Touch are part of the  language of arousal.

It’s the language of the heart, of intimacy.

It’s the language to take us deep into sensation, into energy, into the erotic space of endless possibility.


We live in patterns, and the way we experience our sensuality and sexuality are a big part of this.

We do what we know.

And in this we often limit our pleasure experiences enormously.


Erotic Touch can free us from our patterns, can take us into a world of sensation that is without limit, expanding, taking us deeper into pleasure and intimacy.


This experiential workshop, which is open to everyone, singles and couples of all orientations, is a journey into touch, sensuality, sensation and arousal.


It begins with connecting with our Heart.

And from that inner connection, connecting with our lover.

Then we learn how to touch from that place, bringing our hearts into our hands.

This is vital, it comes from the heart, not from the head.

From inside of ourselves we expand into touch, in so many ways, in a dance of erotic sensation.


I’ll share with you some of what I’ve learned from exploring, teaching, experiencing about sensual and erotic touch for over 25 years.

I’ll share with you the places on the body to touch.

I’ll share with you how to touch, the ways you can use your hands, the different sensations.

I’ll share with you how to build energy and arousal.

I’ll share with you how to listen to your lover’s body.

I’ll share with you how to put your arousal into the experience, and stay present.


And I’ll share with you some of the Art of Arousal.

I don’t talk about ‘Being a better lover’ anymore, as so much of what we look for is skill and technique, which takes us away from the heart, from presence, from intimacy.

This is how we create and cultivate greater intimacy, pleasure and excitement in our lives and relationships.

The more we connect with the spontaneous within us, with our own sensation, our own love, the more this flows.


I invite you to join me for a delicious experience into possibility.

The possibility of arousal through Sensual and Erotic Touch.


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