The Beautiful Mystery of Yoni Anatomy - A Live Webinar

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The Beautiful Mystery of Yoni Anatomy - A Live Webinar



Wed 22nd March, 7 pm SAST

R490/ $28

One of most important aspects of pleasure is knowing our own bodies, and our partner’s bodies.

In so many discussions and workshops recently so many women have said something similar to this..

‘Now so much makes sense, of what I’ve been feeling. Now I can connect it to my body, to my Yoni, to what’s inside of me. This information, and the way you’ve explained it, connects me with myself.’

And so many men have said something similar to this…

‘I’m just blown away by the knowledge I have now. I’m also blown away by how little I knew, and why I couldn’t give my partner more pleasure. I can’t wait to explore and see where we can go.

It makes me so aware of how little education we have as men.’

There is so much myth, misunderstanding and misinformation about the Yoni.

About the pleasure spots, where they are, how to find them, why we can’t, how to wake them up and stimulate, them, how different kinds of orgasms happen, how to create a deeper relationship and connection with your Yoni, why that’s so important for pleasure, where does Yoni Healing fit into this, what is Yoni Healing…

Join me for this wondrous and practical experience of The Beautiful Mystery of Yoni Anatomy – A Live Webinar.

The webinar will be recorded, for wherever you are in the world.

We’ll learn about the full anatomy of the clitoris, the G-Spot, A-Spot, P-Spot, U-Spot, the cervix, the different orgasms possible, the connection between your Yoni and Heart, and the first practices of connection and healing.

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