Yoni and Lingam Massage for Healing and Pleasure

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Yoni and Lingam Massage for Healing and Pleasure



Sat 11 May

Fourways, Johaanesburg



Yoni and Lingam Massage are experiences of deep pleasure, intimacy, healing and energy.

They can be expressions of sacred sexuality.


On this practical workshop you’ll learn and experience Yoni and Lingam Massages.

The first is Quiet Yoni, Quiet Lingam.

The focus of these experiences is healing, releasing, softening, opening.

The 2nd is the experience of pleasure.


The workshop includes an in-depth Yoni Anatomy lesson, what and where the G-Spot, The U-Spot, A-Spot, K-Spot, Happy Spot are, Clitoral Massage and more.


Resources with the workshops include:


Sensual Massage and Yoni Massage Video Downloads

The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist, The Yoni Massage

Ongoing Yoni and Lingam Massage practices for Healing and Higher Pleasure

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