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A Free Webinar Experience

Tues 19 Oct, 7:30pm, SAST


To be in ecstasy is to experience a deep connection to life on all levels.  Ecstasy is a state of expansion into oneness, to transcend body and mind, to access bliss.


The Flow of Breath, Stillness, Movement, and Touch.


There is a sacred vibration within us, the pulsation of life.

Through the body, through the experience and expression of sensation and feeling we can drop into the stillness that allows us to feel this pulsation.


Our bodies, and the sensual expression of breath, movement and touch are pathways to awareness, presence and the ecstasy that arises in stillness, in the deep quiet of being.


Join us for a journey into this delicious state of being.

We’ll share with you some of the experiences and practices to feel, through and in the body, the ecstasy of being, the aliveness and vitality of joy, and the peace of this Divine vibration.


This experience can be shared live with us and online.

Here’s the link to book:


Jonti and Christos have been facilitating, learning and teaching for over 25 years. Their experience has always been in an embodied expression of being.


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