Your Pleasure Self, A Retreat for Women

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Your Pleasure Self, A Retreat for Women




Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa

Fri 19 Aug, 7 pm – Sun 21

R2500, includes lunch, 2 extra online sessions to continue the journey, the audio book Let’s Talk About Sex and access to The Gooroo Guide WhatsApp Group   


For so many women sexuality and sensuality are suppressed, disconnected, riddled with guilt, shame and embarrassment. So many women experience a lack of fulfilment and are often deeply unsatisfied.

Healing these, changing, expanding into the possibility of your delicious, sacred sexuality begins with you.

That’s what this retreat is about, Your Pleasure Self.

We’ll talk about the patterns we live, with, in the mind and in the body.

We’ll talk about the story of female sexuality, where you are in the story, the patterns and conditioning that have brought you to where you are, and how to shift these.

We’ll talk about the connection between sex and heart, what sexual freedom may mean.

We’ll talk about your body, your Yoni, the pleasure spots, the different experiences of orgasm.

And we’ll breathe, we’ll move, we’ll dance, we’ll talk, we’ll feel, we’ll sound into the body to begin this journey of wonder, mystery and possibility.

You’ll experience and learn the practices to create a freedom in your body and in your heart to expand into greater presence and pleasure.


‘It was both beautiful and informative. Your relaxed teaching style and the openness you cultivated so quickly and authentically for the group made it an easy-going experience that was rooted in mutual trust and respect. I experienced a deeply peaceful, light and relaxed group energy which lingered with me for the rest of the week.’


‘This workshop, I’m not sure where to start because there was so much.

I learned so much about my body, about my Yoni, anatomy explained in a simple and real way that demystified so much and allowed me to connect with myself for the first time ever.

The way you shared about patterns and sexuality made so much sense, it’s given me new eyes and new possibilities.’


‘This was such a rich ground of exploration and discovery. The exercises were amazing, and I find I’m using them more and more. I see how much is changing in me, in my relationship. And I’m amazed at how simple it is.’


Join us in beautiful Greyton for a weekend filled with possibility.

There are a range of accommodation options in the town. We’ll gather on Fri evening to begin an exciting journey of learning, healing, releasing, feeling, experiencing, sharing.

We’ll have lunch at the workshop venue, supper together at one of the fabulous restaurants there on Sat and end on Sunday afternoon.

Greyton is about 90 mins from Cape Town, airport transfers are possible.

Even though the retreat ends, our journey together will continue in 2 online sessions, with an option to dive even deeper after that.

Please email me with any questions you may have.


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