Quiet Lingam, The Gentle Love


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It’s an energy penetration.
It’s a heart penetration.
It’s gentle, it’s soft, it’s slow.
And it’s deep.

For so many men it’s new.
And it’s confusing.
It’s not about performance, it’s not about hard, it’s not about control.
It’s about vulnerability and receiving.
It’s about surrender.
And that’s its power.
For as you open, you allow your lover to give. The more you open, the more they can give. Great power in this. For there needs to be rhythm, energy needs to flow. If I can’t fully receive, you can’t fully give. The flow is impeded. The power of a giving heart, of giving hands cannot be experienced. The power of a receiving heart, of a receiving lingam cannot be felt.
The beautiful dance of pleasure is incomplete.

Quiet Lingam is soft and slow.
There may be no erection.
Orgasm is not required.
There’s breath, there’s sensation and there’s emotion.
There’s allowing what’s there, whatever is there, to be there.
There’s intensity in this, connection and focus.
It’s a meditation on pleasure.
It’s presence.

When a man has had no experience of this, it’s strange, and feels unsatisfying.
We are creatures of pattern, our bodies go where they know. Our mind goes where it knows.
A new experience takes time, be patient.

There is healing, oh there is healing!
There is release, layers of release, till the essence is revealed, a man open.
Heart and lingam connected.

I keep saying that there is no limit to pleasure. The same for sensation and for emotion.
The deeper we go into the experiences, the deeper we can go into ourselves, into our partners, and into possibility.


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