Quiet Lingam




Quiet Lingam


Last week I taught an online Introduction to Yoni Massage, the first time I’ve taught it without a live demonstration.

(It is available, btw, with a great package).

On the webinar I spoke about there being different Yoni Massage experiences. Where the intention is healing will be different to pleasure, and again, in healing and pleasure, there are different experiences and techniques.


The same thing for men.

Most of the journeys I do with people, except of course where we’re doing online sessions, involves bodywork, touch, massage. When we work online I guide and teach you to do these practices on your own, or with a partner.


Male sexuality has many different expressions, which sadly not many men get to understand and experience.

For most men sex is genitally, orgasm oriented, and this limits the experience men have of their sexuality, of the field of possibility.


Quiet Lingam is a very slow, very gentle experience.

It’s about a man surrendering to receive, in a way that frees him from performance, from pressure.

It’s about a man being touched with tenderness that flows from the heart.

It’s about a man allowing himself to relax, to soften into sensation, into feeling, into emotion.

It’s about a man allowing himself to be present with whatever arises.

It’s about a Lingam being seen, being touched, being held without having to get hard, without having to DO anything.

It’s about a man’s would being touched, his insecurities, his hurt, his pain, his anger, his disconnect to be acknowledged, and with tenderness, slowly, released.

It’s about a man allowing himself to be open, opened.

It’s about a man being vulnerable, revealed, in a space that honors him.


This slow touch, this gentle touch, is what allows us to drop the armour, the defences, the protection we carry.

It allows us to soften to receive.

It allows us to show ourselves.

It allows us to put so much of the macho bullshit, so much of the conditioning and patterning we’ve received as men, to let that go.

It allows us to feel, in every way, deeply.

It allows us to expand what we experience as sexual and sensual men.

It opens the channel connecting Heart and Lingam, allowing energy to flow between them.

It allows us to be aware of a more Heart-Centered Sexuality.


It becomes a ritual of receiving, of healing, of sensation, of pleasure. A ritual of honoring and worshipping a man, his Lingam, without it having to be or do anything other than be there.

It allows our partner’s to give to us in a different way.

It becomes, whatever the context, healing, relationship, an experience of intimacy for both partners.


I talk a lot about how most men have at best a functional relationship with their genitals. At best, as for many of us there are fears of performance, judgment on size and the way we look.

This allows you to start connecting with your Lingam in an emotional way, as an expression of your heart, as an extension of the energy of your heart.


I look forward to sharing this with you in the Lingam Massage Webinar on Thurs 28 Aug, 8 pm CAT, please email me to book.


This week’s webinar, Thurs, same time, is free. It’s an open forum of discussion and questions.


One of the things I love about this journey into sexuality, sensuality, energy, is that it is without limits. There is so much to learn, to experience, and the more we do the more we see how much more there is. How much there is within us.

A world of possibilities…