Release into Pleasure



The more open and relaxed your body is, the greater pleasure you’ll experience.


Many women struggle to have orgasms, internal orgasms and to reach the heights of pleasure possible.

One of the main reasons for this is tension.

Tension in the tissues of your Yoni.

Tension in your body, in your diaphragm, in your belly, in your back, in your neck, in your jaw.

Tension in your heart.

This tightness doesn’t allow energy to flow.

This tightness keeps old patterns, beliefs and limitations trapped inside of you.

This tightness doesn’t allow you to let go to experience the fullness of pleasure that you can.


The tension comes from many sources.

There’s the guilt, shame and embarrassment about your body, about sex, about desire, about wanting to have pleasure.

We live in a world of paradox regarding female sexuality, which gives such confusing messages. It’s everywhere, and yet if you express your sexuality freely and openly the labels of slut are easily given, and accepted.

This creates tension in terms of internal conflict. You want the pleasure, you want to touch, and be touched and explore, and allow that fire. And then there are the messages from parents, from religion, from so many sources, good girls don’t do these things.


Then there’s tension from being touched without love, without honouring, without gentleness, without tenderness. Many young men don’t have great sexual skill, and understanding of the female body. They don’t know about the cycle of arousal.

When there’s pain, you contract, tighten up.

The tissues of your Yoni hold this hurt. What should be alive and awake and sensitive is numb or tender or even painful.

And what sits inside of you is sometimes not directly connected to your sexuality.

We need a place to put the emotional hurt we experience. All of it. And so we store it inside, in the place we think we’re never going to. The feelings of not being good enough, of not deserving, of not allowing love, of anger, of frustration often sit in your G-Spot. So you, and your partner, spend hours looking for this amazing mystery, to say, I don’t have one. Of course you do! If it’s tight, if the tissue around it is tight, it’s not going to wake up and give you the absolutely amazing orgasmic experiences that you’ve read about.


Another source of tension is the pressure to perform. This is often in the form of orgasm. You have to come, he has to make you come. If not, something ’s wrong with you.

Everything tightens in dread.


Every time you had sex and you didn’t want to.

Every time you did something you didn’t want to.

Every time it was unfulfilling.

Every time you felt disconnected, used, your body tightens.

And your pleasure is blocked and limited.

And often there’s pain.

And when you’re not having pleasure, when sex is frustrating, when it’s uncomfortable, you don’t want to go there. In an extreme space, and after some time, you withdraw.

Intimacy becomes difficult. Sensual touch, which may lead to sex, becomes scary.

Relationships suffer.


Bodywork, sexual energy work, sexual bodywork is where we release this.

It takes time.

Layers to release.


Allowing yourself to reclaim yourself, rediscover yourself, relearn yourself.

Free yourself.

It’s a journey that takes courage.

You become a warrior.

And in time you begin to experience the pleasure you’d like, you begin to have the experiences and connections you’d like.

You become an explorer, an adventurer.


The orgasms you’ve read about, heard about, G-Spot Orgasms, Cervical Orgasms, Expanded Orgasm, Full-Body Orgasms, all of these only happen when your body is open, relaxed, when energy can flow, when you can breathe fully, deeply, when you can moan and shout your pleasure.


The healing goes deep.

It’s not all about sex.

It’s about your heart. It’s about the past. It’s about the you you’d like to create, the life you’d like to live.

It’s about seeing and knowing the beautiful powerful woman of possibility that you are.