Rhythm of Pleasure

I’ve been healing, teaching, learning and exploring in the world of Conscious Sexuality for almost 20 years.
Most of my work has been with women, even though I’ve worked with men, and of course many couples as well.
Many more men are now willing to engage in journeys which is beautiful and powerful.The relationship I am in has taught me more about my own sexuality, and the energy and emotional aspects of myself than any other.
It’s beautiful to share some of that with you.The more the heart becomes the entry point for sex and lovemaking, the deeper we can go.
Arousal of the heart takes us to the most incredible places. It also opens the space for intimacy and connection when genital and sexual arousal is low.When we enter through the heart we connect with an energy that becomes a guide, a teacher and opens us to possibilities.
There’s a willingness to explore, a curiosity that can take us beyond the patterns of the way we do sex.

For so many of us, we have sex in pretty much the same way. We do what we know, or what works, or what we think works because it’s safe, it’s our comfort zone.
It’s a pattern that we repeat, regardless of where it takes us, simply because we know it.

The heart becomes the point of connection and presence. The more present we are, the more connected we are. In this space we feel more, more sensation and more emotion.
This allows us to feel our partner more. Their energy, their arousal, their body. When we can do this we can help them have greater pleasure. We can feel more of where they are and what opens and heightens their energy and pleasure.

Energy is a language, and like any other we can learn it. The more we open to it, feel it, experience it, the more we can do with it.

From your heart, when that’s more open, you can connect more with your Lingam. Sensitivity increases. Energy flows between the two centres. You learn to feel her Yoni more.
And then we learn that a little bit of friction, which is the way most people have sex, is on the outer edges, the very outer edges of pleasure.

I’m creating a deeper programme for men that’s about connecting deeper with your sexuality, it includes some of the techniques we’ve explored to help you both have greater pleasure.
I’d like to share some of these with you.

Rhythm is so important for pleasure.
And one interesting thing about rhythm is when something feels good, stay with it.

Short strokes inside her Yoni, in the right areas, are amazing. These will be different for every woman, and maybe different every day. Deep inside her, short movements of your Lingam will be intense for both of you.
The area close to the entrance of her Yoni can be very sensitive.
Build the energy with the strokes of your Lingam, and then spread it throughout her pleasure centres with a long stroke.

Slow down.
This allows the energy to spread through both of you.
Deep and slow is amazing.
Deep and hard is incredible. One stroke deep inside of your lover, hard, with your breath. Then stop for a full breath. This builds an incredible fire. Then do it again, again, again.
Don’t change it.
Be patient, be present, feel.

These simple things can give you both so much more pleasure.

Talk afterwards, share what you felt, what you enjoyed.
Go deeper into intimacy, deeper into yourself, into each other.
It’s a journey without limits, this journey into pleasure.