Riding the Orgasmic Waves



When I started teaching, a long time ago, one of the first workshops I taught was Expanded Orgasm.

It’s still one of my most popular workshops.


Now I call it Expanded Orgasmic Wave, as my understanding of it has expanded and changed.

It’s also one of the most important workshops.

What does that mean, an important workshop, what makes it important?

What makes it important is that it gives you a perspective on pleasure that will change the experience you have, and the technique of how to do that.

What makes it important is to understand that we have sex in the same way that we live, in patterns.

We do what we know, what we’re comfortable with, what works for us.

We do it in life, we do it in love, and we do it in pleasure.

We do it, sex, in the way we’re used to doing it.

And when we want to do something different we don’t know how, we don’t know what else to do.

So we do what we know.

Sometimes it’s all that we know.

When we have a possibility, a new way to look at pleasure experiences, a way to communicate that, and a way to do it, we can do something different, we can go beyond the pattern.

This is such a huge understanding, the patterns, and doing something different.

And a big part of it is the expectation.

Most of us have an expectation of how our sexual experience is going to be.

This is in our minds and in our bodies.

Often we’d like to do something different, the mind says yes, and the body does what it’s always been doing. Or we’d like to experience different feelings and sensations, and our minds don’t know what to do, how to make that happen.

So we do what we know.

And we have the experience we expect, that we’re used to.

A brief digression to understand expectations, and then you’ll see how it applies to sex.

When you go to a favourite restaurant for a favourite dish, that you order all the time, without even looking at the menu, you’re ordering the expectation. The dish is always going to be slightly different, we often don’t taste that, we taste what we expect.

When our sexual and sensual experiences follow a pattern, we know what’s happening, what’s coming, no pun there.

Expanded Orgasmic Wave gives you the understanding and practice to have a deeper experience of pleasure.

Another thing that makes it important is that it teaches you how to be present during a sexual experience. This alone changes so much. Being present allows you to be in your body, to really feel the feelings and sensations. When we’re focusing on getting to the goal, which for most of us is orgasm, we’re not present, we’re focussing on what we have to do to get there, we’re not here, where we are, in the fullness of this beautiful moment.


And…You’ll learn how to move waves of bliss through your partner’s body…


Expanded Orgasmic Wave Webinar


Mon 13th April, 7:15 pm, CAT, R450, $25.

This includes an ErosLife Expanded Orgasm Video Download and E-Book.


Expanded Orgasm gives you a different perspective on pleasure, creating a mind-shift that takes you to a new understanding of the possibilities of pleasure and sexual energy.

We tend to see orgasm as a goal, an event, the result of the linear pattern we’ve made sex to be. Expanded Orgasm shows you how to step out of this pattern, into a different understanding and experience of pleasure. Expanded Orgasm teaches how a woman can be in an orgasmic state for over 20 minutes, even longer and shows you 4 experiences for men, to deepen his pleasure.

On the webinar you will learn:

The difference between orgasm and orgasmic states

The principles of the expanded orgasmic wave

Moving sexual energy through the body

How to give the experience to a woman

How to give the experience to a man

How to have the experience on your own

Using The Expanded Orgasm for pleasure, healing, meditation and creation


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