Sacred Sex



Sacred Sex


I love sex.

All of it.

I love the touch, the taste, the smell, the sounds, the sensations, the feelings, the breath, the energy, the orgasms.

All of it.

I love bodies.

The skin, the muscles, the joints, the curves, the valleys, the hidden secret places, and, oh yes the beauty, the mystery of genitals.

I love desire, I love attraction, I love wanting.

All of it.


I know so many of us who do.

And I know so many of us who do and can’t, won’t admit it, allow it.

And I know that most of us stay in that space.


There’s more.

There is so much more.

Our bodies are portals, our genitals are portals.

Sex is the vehicle,the energy, the pathway.


First to the heart.

The Heart.

A field of energy, a field of resonance.

When it’s open, when it’s in coherence, it gathers us, gathers our energy, gathers our sensation to a place that is within us and at the same time beyond us.

It’s where intimacy happens.

Its where when I look into your eyes I’m looking with my heart into yours.

It’s not your eyes I’m seeing, it’s the reflection of your heart in your eyes.

It’s where when I’m touching you with love, I’m touching the expression your heart in your body.


And from The Heart we go deeper.

It opens a doorway to the divine.

The Divine.

A sacred expression of Life living through us.

We come together in this delicious liquid mystery of union as an expression of the creative force, of Vitality itself.

This creativity, in whatever form you see that being, brought us into being.

Out of love for life.

Out of the desire to express itself in so many ways.

To experience itself in so many ways.

Out of love.

And in us, in this beautiful body are countless nerves, countless cells, countless energy pathways of pleasure.

For us to experience to the fullest that we’ll allow ourselves.

And when we do that with an open heart, with the connection to the divine, as an expression of the sacred, we go beyond the body.

Into the cosmos.

To make love with life.


It’s a mystical journey, this journey into, through and beyond sex.

It’s a magical journey into ourselves, to see that we are so much more than what we see.

Our touch, our taste, our smell, our seeing, our hearing, our feeling, our sensation, our deeper senses of intuition, of inspiration, of knowing, are all just the beginning.

They have the keys.

Our bodies, our pleasure, our breath, they are the way.

In all mystical teachings it’s been said that we have all we need, we need but to learn how to look. And on the path of sacred sexuality we need but to learn that sex is the key.


When we approach this temple to join in sacred union The Lover is there waiting patiently with a smile of welcome.