Sacred Sex



We have taken what is sacred and made it dirty
We have taken what is light and made it dark.
We have taken what is powerful and made it weak.
We have taken what is holy and made it profane.

There was a time when we knew the power of sexuality.
There was a time when people knew that if you control sexuality, you control people.
More than that, if you control women, you control the power, you control everything.
And so it began.

The repression, the shame, the guilt.
The destruction of the True Feminine.
The Goddess became a myth, living in name only.
The Lingam became a weapon.
The Yoni withered.

And as men grew further from the truth, they grew further from themselves. Sex and spirit grew further apart.

The experience of pleasure became shallow, it lost connection and dimension. The body, the heart, the spirit separated.

And so we began the journey back.
Back to ourselves.
Back to pleasure.
Back to truth.

For the truth is in the connection.
The sacred energy of pleasure is the key.
The body holds the secret pathways that lead to the mystical field of union.
Consciousness is the guide.
It grows as we open to hearing, to feeling, to knowing the inner voice.

We take the profane and we make it holy.
We go into the darkness and bring it into the light.
We see the beauty that we are.
We know this thing called Tantra.