Sacred Yoni Massage





The sacred in me arises when I sit before you, when I look into your eyes.

The sacred in me arises when I kneel before you.

The sacred in me arises when I sit between your legs.

The sacred in me arises when I rest my hand on your heart.

The sacred in me arises when I rest my hand on your Yoni.

The sacred in me arises when I worship you.


On the weekend I facilitated an Intimacy Retreat at a beautiful game lodge.

We shared a Yoni Massage experience on the Saturday night, and as I was introducing the practice, I sat with tears on my face.

Something arose in me in a way it never had before, an overwhelming emotion that left me unable to talk for a while. Experiences like that can’t really be described, so I won’t.

When it settled it brought the awareness of a deeper understanding of how sacred this experience can be.

And how this, Yoni Massage, can be a moment of Divine Love.


For this I have to, and as I write this, it comes to consciousness, you have to feel it.

You can know it in your mind, you can know it intellectually, you can say the words.

Feel the Divine.

That’s the feeling that’s expressed in looking into your eyes.

That’s the feeling that’s expressed in touching you.

That’s when it becomes sacred.

And when I know that, KNOW, an inner knowing that is beyond words, when I’ve experienced that, the Divine, can I know it within you.

I can’t see it within you until I can see it within myself.


Two of the elements of Conscious Sexuality are to be present, and to be with what emerges, whatever emerges.

What can emerge in these moments, in these experiences, is just that, the sacred.

Our bodies, our senses, are where we feel thus, where we know this.

There are no words at that moment. There is no mind at that moment.

There is presence.

And a feeling of connection, of intimacy, with every woman, every woman ever.

And kneeling between the legs of the woman I was sharing the experience with, showing the others who were there, was worship.

It humbled me, and at the same time expanded me.

The touch was mine, it was from my heart, and at the same time, it wasn’t me touching her.


When I do this kind of demonstration I’m usually talking all the way through, explaining what I’m doing, describing the movements, talking about energy, talking about breathing.

I couldn’t say much.

And as I was, not so much doing the massage, more watching my hands move of their own accord, there was a transmission to everyone there.

A silence that had a sensation, it was palpable.


I can’t talk about what the participants experienced in their Yoni Massage, and the Lingam Massage we did the following day. I can say that from that awareness within me, I felt the energy, the emotion, of everyone in the room.

And in the Satsang we did the following morning I said things in a way I never have before.


Something changed.

I was listening to a podcast recently, Adyashanti and Peter Kingsley, where Peter says that revelation changes us.

Something changed in me.


I’ve never doubted my path, even when things have been difficult, and have they ever at times.

This reaffirms my commitment.

To touch.

To sacred touch.

To the limitless possibilities of energy, of pleasure.

To sharing it with you, sharing what I’ve learned.

Of our bodies, our divine, sacred, delicious, wonder-full, mysterious bodies.

Within these bodies the Divine waits for us, sitting in the stillness, sitting quietly, waiting for us to hear enough, listen enough, feel enough, breathe enough, touch enough, be open enough to see It, feel It, taste It, smell It.

It’s within us, within everyone of us.

And as much as we long for that presence, It longs for us.

As much as we seek that Love, it seeks us.

It’s there for every one of us.

There are many ways for us to have these experiences, this knowing.

For now, mine is the body, touch, breath, the heart, sensuality, these expressions of divine possibility.