Sacred Yoni


She is sacred
Approach her with reverence
Look at her beauty with awe
Her folds, her petals
Fleshflower of the Goddess

Let slip the armour of your heart
As she draws you in to the mystery
For within her
Are worlds within worlds
Universes within universes
Endless moments that flow back to the dawn of time

She will heal you
Her secret nectar an alchemical fluid
That turns your pain to peace
Her spreading warmth
That melts your masks, your artifice
To reveal your truth
In a breath of softening release

She will teach you
Oh, she will teach you
Gently, harshly, subtlety, nuance, barely perceptible
Then a firestorm of lava passion
That breaks you at the terrible beauty
As the eyes within you
See your immortal soul

She will teach you of unity
Of the thread that weaves you through the web of being
As she opens to you
Opens you
To feel the pulse of life that throbs through all

She will love you
Beyond reason, beyond cause, beyond judgement, beyond taboo
Without question, in absolute acceptance
Of all you are
The priestess welcoming the penitent into the temple
Drawing your darkness forth
With the secret shimmering of her ecstasy.