Sensation is the Doorway to Emotion




Sensation is the doorway to emotion.
The deeper we go into the body, the deeper we go into the emotion.
As we explore the subtlety and nuance of sensation, we explore the expanse of emotion.

Our emotional landscape is endless. The horizon keeps on moving and changing. What’s beneath our feet changes as we look at it. What’s before our eyes is not always what it appears to be. What we think is solid is often quicksand. What seems to be without bottom may be solid footing. And what we think is safe may be perilous.
We navigate with an internal compass that needs to expand and adapt constantly.
Language becomes our expression, our tool of processing, and the way we share this. It also becomes the connection between the mind and the heart, the body and the mind, emotion and sensation.
As we go deeper into our feelings, as we understand more, heal, grow and see ourselves through different eyes, we need different words to make sense of it, and to share it.
We ask different questions, we look from a different, and oft changing perspective. Our language and vocabulary need to grow to keep up.

The landscape of sensation is limitless.
And yet for many of us we feel the broad strokes, the outlines of sensation. And because we’re used to feeling a certain way we’re not aware of what may be below the surface of the sensation.
Using our senses more, exploring the layers of sensation takes us below the surface into an endless ocean of feeling.
Every sensation has a taste, a smell, a texture, a sound.
And a feeling.
The more we can explore the sensation, the more we can explore the feeling. The most perfect space for this, the best guide we have is right here. Our bodies.
Every sensation is somewhere inside of us.
If I ask you where love is, you can tell me, you can describe it, the space it occupies, maybe it’s warm or tingly, maybe it has a colour, a texture…
And if I ask you what happens in your body when you get angry, you can tell me about the heat you feel…
It’s all inside us.
The more we can feel the sensation, the more we can feel the emotion.
What does the sensation bring up, what does the sensation make me feel, where does it take me, what does it connect with?
So many of us have become separated and isolated from our emotions and our sensations. We’ve suppressed one or the other, or both. It became easier, it was a defence, it was safer, it was a protection…
Healing, release, growth, expansion require us to feel. To own the feelings, my feelings.
Connection and intimacy require that I first have a relationship with myself, know myself.

Start with your body. Start with the sensation.
What do I feel, and what do I feel?
It’s interesting that we use the same word for the sensation and the emotion.
Feel one, you’ll feel the other.

Sensation is the doorway to emotion.
Connect with it, viscerally, deeply. Allow it to speak to you, learn its language.
And then allow the emotion to become sensation. A deep communication with yourself in so many ways. A conversation of feeling.