Sensual Curiosity



Curiosity is one of the most important elements of vitality. It helps keep us interested and interesting.

In a relationship it’s one of the qualities that contribute to fulfillment.

And in our sensuality and sexuality it’s just so important.

Sensual curiosity is about sensation and feeling.

Sensual curiosity is about emotion.

Sensual curiosity is about exploration.

It’s about growing, expanding and learning.

It’s about going beyond what we know and beyond what we do.

Curiosity has the energy of willingness to take us beyond boundaries, and even beyond judgements.

It’s nature is fun, light and playful. It’s filled with the delight of discovery. It revels in the absurd and the laughter that brings.

It’s vibrant, throbbing and alive.

In the space of curiosity there is no failure, there is no pressure to be right, to get things right.

There is the moment. There is seeing how this feels, tastes, smells.

There is creativity, refinement and engagement.

And there is presence.

So much of myself present in the exploration, in the paths that open, the ways that are revealed, the possibilities that emerge.

And there is pleasure.

Endless pleasure and excitement.

There is the sensuality of life, of being.

And more, there is love.

For curiosity takes us to where we see connection, the threads that link us rather than the barriers that separate us.

And yet more, there is spirit.

For curiosity takes us to the heart, the essence, deep.

Curiosity shows us the endless realm of sensuality with the fullness of the joy and celebration of all that is human.