Sensual, Erotic, Tantric Poetry




You open your body and you take me into you.

You open more and take me deeper and even deeper into you.

Space within your Yoni seems to be without end, boundless, as you give yourself to me.

And I, I too take you into me.

I take in your eyes, heavy with desire. Eyes that look into me, eyes that show your presence.

I take in your breath, inhale you into my body.

I take in your mouth, your tongue, your kiss. I taste you.

I take in your skin, all the places it touches mine.

I take in your body beneath mine.

I take in the heady scent of our sex.

I take in the sounds of your pleasure.

I take in the movement of your hips against mine, building in urgent rhythm.

I take in the shaking peak of your pleasure.

And the head of my sex drinks you in, drinks in your mystical nectar, drinks you into my heart, drinks you into my cells, drinks you into my being.

I swell inside of you.

Alchemy as the boundaries between us melt.

And in a moment I am in you, you are in me.