It’s a silly, funny play with words.

And there’s something more there, a lot more.

Have you really thought about what YOU expect from sex?


Not what you’ve been told, the bullshit you’ve been fed by the porn industry, the mainstream media, the women’s magazines etc.

Not about the performance, not necessarily about the orgasm, just about you.

And then how many of your expectations are based on someone else, how much have you bought into what he or she expects of you?

And how many of your expectations have been expressed, communicated openly, clearly?

And been heard?

And have you thought about that you actually might not know what your expectations are, yours?

And have you felt lacking at that realisation?

And can you maybe see that you might never have had the space, the opportunity, the time, the freedom, to explore that, to learn about yourself? To just try something and see how it feels, and then stop, and let it settle, and see what comes from it, what are the sensations, the emotions, the thoughts? And then to go a little deeper, a little further, or not.

And can you see that somewhere in this you were never told that your pleasure is about you? And that there’s nothing, absolutely NOTHING wrong with you because you don’t know!

And that the only person’s expectations you have to fulfill are yours?

As much as you can, let it go.

Little by little.

And start exploring yourself, your mind, your body, your heart.

What do you want? And can it be different today than it was yesterday, and can I feast from the banquet of the possibilities of pleasure?