Sexual Healing, Heart Healing



There is something that I have intrinsically known that has come to conscious awareness.

So many of our sexual issues are heart issues.

We heal them in the heart.

Yes they’re in our bodies, in our genitals.

Yes we need to do the healing, the release there.


And in the heart.

So many if these issues run through the heart, from the heart, in the heart, around the heart.

So much of what happens in our sexual body has a place in the heart.

So much of what happens in the heart expresses itself in our sexuality, and in our sexual body.

The heart is where we hurt.

Our bodies hold and carry the patterns.

They’re vital elements of the same system, connected.

Energy flows from one to the other, up our bodies, down our bodies.

When there is hurt in one, there is hurt in the other.

When one begins to close, to harden, so does the other.

When one feels less than delicious vitality, so does the other.

It’s as if, as if, not as if, as is, this.

We think our sexual organs are separate, their own thing. They’re not.

Our hearts are as much a part of our sex, as our sex is a part of our heart.

When we look at our body in a reductionist way, that’s what we see. A Western perspective that separates, isolates.

When we look at the body as whole, as a continuous entity, a being of connection, not only to outside to the world, part of the world, also to itself.

Nothing that happens within us, nothing we experience, happens in one place.

It happens to us. To US.

All of us.

Our bodies hood and carry the pattern, our heart holds the hurt.

As we connect them, with awareness, with understanding, with seeing how they’re linked, with touch, what we release in one we begin to release in the other.

The body heals the heart, the heart heals the body.


Going deeper we connect these aspects of ourselves through their symbolic expression.

Love and Pleasure.

Love for life that we express as sexual sensation, orgasm. In orgasm, a moment of expanded consciousness.

In an orgasmic state, deeper consciousness, elevated pleasure, sensation, feeling, awareness.

Love, filled with love.

The chemicals of love flood our body.

Love for life.

A nervous system, a body, blood, breath that is life manifest.

The elements of the universe within us, life expressed.

The pleasure of being, of feeling.

Feeling everything. Flowing.

It’s not only about pleasure, and pleasure may just be a layer of feeling.

We seek it, yes, because it feels so good.

There’s more, there’s learning to savour it all, everything we feel, sense.

To cultivate an intimacy with all that we are.

And to allow it to move, to flow, to throb, to pulsate.


These two centers of our body, sex and heart, throbbing, pulsating, vibrating.

When we heal, when we release, that’s what happens. The energy, the sensation, the feeling, the awareness swirls, dances, one to the other within us, from us, to us, around us.


Heart healing.

Sexual healing.

Life healing.