Sexual Healing, Life Healing


 When we begin a journey of sexual healing we begin a journey of life healing, body healing, heart healing, spirit healing.

Our sexuality is not in a vacuum. It’s connected to every aspect of ourselves and our lives.

It’s the juiciness, the vitality, the energy with which we engage with life.

It’s our creative flow, our sensual connection with the world. It’s the awareness we bring to everything we do, smell, touch, taste, see, feel and engage with.

It’s not this little box that we take out in very specific situations, use in a very limited way, and put away again.

It’s not hidden in the dark.

It’s not covered in the guilt, shame and embarrassment of the past.

It’s not hiding in judgement and fear.

It’s not limited by the patterns of what we’ve always done.

It’s not locked in the expectations of what it’s been before.

It’s alive.

It’s growing, reaching upwards, outwards.

And inwards.

Deep inside, deeper and deeper still.

It takes us into our light, into our shadow.

It takes us on the often torturous paths of the mind.

It takes us into places in our bodies, energies, sensations, feelings we never knew were there.

It takes us into our hearts, into what love may be, what intimacy may be.

It takes us into possibility, into creation.

It takes us into freedom.

A journey of healing of this nature takes courage, for it will change you, in so many ways.

It will challenge what you think, what you feel, what you want.

It will take you to places where you cannot walk with mask or armour.

It will show you a mirror where there is no choice but to be revealed.

It will open your heart to the power of vulnerability.

And it will show the limitless being of beauty you are.


Slowly we begin.

Gently we step.

You are the guide.

Connection with yourself deepens.

You learn the language of intuition, how to listen to that voice within you.

You shed that which no longer serves you, that which holds you in the past, at the pace you will.

The healer is but a guide, you are the pilgrim.

The journey is yours.