Sexual Healing, Life Healing


I’ve been doing healing work since 1993, mostly in the field of Conscious Sexuality. One of the most beautiful things about healing journeys in this field is how they have everything to do with sex, and often nothing to do with sex.

It’s more about the patterns of our lives, and the places they play out in.

Sexual issues and problems are often a reflection of other aspects of our lives.

And it’s often a doorway in to look at and heal so much else. Because our sexuality is not in a vacuum. It’s connected to every part of who we are. It runs through our being like a fibre weaving a story. It’s the story of our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our spirits. It’s the story of where we come from, the generations before us, the religions and tribes that shaped us.

And it’s the story of freedom, of authenticity.


It’s the story of how we become who we are, integrated and whole, stepping away from that which keeps us disconnected from ourselves.

It’s the story of where we find ourselves in light and in shadow.

It’s the story of our insecurity, weakness and jealousy.

It’s the story of our fears.

It’s the story of our strength and power.

It’s the story of our loneliness.

It’s the story of connection and intimacy.

It’s the story of gentleness and tenderness.

It’s the story of fire, water, earth and wind.

It’s a story that changes, evolves, expands and grows as we do.

It’s the story of our lives.


It takes courage, great courage to heal.

Heal with kindness and compassion.

Take time, don’t rush the journey. Build a foundation for change that’s strong and solid, that will weather the storms.

Allow your story to emerge, it shows itself as a puzzle, part of the picture here, another there. In time it becomes clear. Be patient.

Stay in the question. The answers are simply pieces of that puzzle. Go deeper, deeper, all the time.

As much as the story was begun in the past, you’re telling it now. It can be what you choose it to be.

Be open for a story to tell itself that may be different from the one you started, and the one you think it may be.

Surrender to yourself.

Learn to flow.

Rhythm is more important than balance. Balance can be rigid, static and precarious.

Rhythm allows you to dance with your sexuality, with your lover, with love.

Be curious.

Find your voice, laugh, play, cry, shout.


It’s a lifelong journey into yourself.

A journey of limitless possibility.